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The Old Mill

Every year Carnegie Mellon hosts a Spring Carnival. Many alumni return to campus and many traditions, such as booth and buggy, take place. They also bring in carnival rides and set them up on our campus quad. After the 2018 carnival, I met with a group of students who were all theme park enthusiasts and we started planning our own carnival ride. We planned, fundraised, and constructed a fully operational dark ride for the following spring’s carnival. Below you’ll find slides detailing our design process and some photos of the final ride.

We were fortunate enough to present the project at Ohio State’s “Students In Themed Entertainment (SITE)” conference in February 2019, prior to the ride’s opening. Our project was also nominated for a THEA award in the “low budget” category. Overall the ride was extremely well received, and we are currently designing a new ride for the 2020 Carnival.

Disney Imaginations 2019 Submission

The prompt for the 2019 Imaginations competition was to design an attraction based on one of the seven wonders of the ancient world or the seven wonders of the natural world. I worked on a team of four to create our submission, titled “Arctic Dawn.” Below you’ll find the slides we submitted as well as our experiential animation.