Residential Energy Analysis

Fall 2017  |   4 Month Long Project  |  Completed Individually

This project was completed for my Environment 1 : Climate and Energy course. Through a series of six assignments, we evaluated the energy consumption of our own home through data analysis and extensive drawings. We then used the information to suggest retrofits to the home and calculated the cost and payoff period for these retrofits. This culminated in a comprehensive booklet (below) that was presented to the owners of the home.

This project was one of the most practical that I've done since coming to CMU. It brought to my attention just how much of an impact architects can have on the energy crisis simply by making small design decisions. After taking this course I feel confident in my ability to analyze a site's climate and design a home that use the advantages of that climate, rather than only relying on mechanical heating and cooling systems. I'm glad that the field of architecture is placing an emphasis on green design and I am glad that this course has prepared me for entering a quickly changing field.