Marble Mover

Spring 2016  |  3 Week Long Project  |  Completed Individually

This short project challenged us to push the limits of a material and find a harmony between functionality and aesthetic design. The task: design an object that can move a marble at least 12 inches using only folded bond paper.

I started by designing a "track" that had folded tabs on the sides. Another sheet of paper could be cut in the direction that one wanted the marble to travel and then fed through the tabs to create the shape of the marble mover. I then found that I could alternate the direction of these tabs, up and down, to create two paths for the marble. I then curved the track in on itself to create a spiral structure. Because of the modular nature of the tab system and the helical shape, the marble mover could be expanded in all directions. 


A selection of photos of my final marble mover.

A hybrid drawing showing how the prototype could be expanded, both vertically and radially.

A drawing showing the repetitive nature of the track pieces.

A video of my marble mover in action. I love the rattling sound it makes as the marbles move across the tabs.