Grow Atlas

Fall 2016  |   1 Week Long Project  |  Completed in a group of 11

This short project came right before the grow collective. It was a way for our whole studio to work together to research our site and then combine our research into an easy to read atlas full of diagrams. Our studio of 55 students was split into 5 groups and each was given a specific aspect of the site to analyze. This included the site's historical context, social environment, the existing community gardening centers in the area, etc.

My group was tasked with researching the urban systems of the site and how they interacted with each other. We broke this down into five sections - climate, drainage, green space, transportation, and food. On the front of our atlas, each section received its own space for analysis, and on the back we brought all of the systems together and overlapped them on one "master map." 

I, personally, was in charge of researching the transportation systems that were integral to the site. This included finding statistics on the types of transportation that people in Pittsburgh use, mapping out bus routes and parking spaces, and diagramming the distance from our site to other points of interest in the city.

After all of our group's information was compiled, the atlas was plotted, folded up, and kept in studio with the other four teams' atlases to be used as references for the grow collective project.