5 Disney Songs That You Haven't Heard, but Need To Immediately

I know I haven't posted for the last few weeks... between some crazy studio deadlines and a weekend trip to Chicago, I've have to put my blog on the back burner. But now I'm back to share with you some of my favorite Disney songs that often get forgotten.

Music is such a huge part of Disney movies, but we tend to only remember the iconic songs like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes", and, of course, "Let it Go." But there are so many songs that don't get the appreciation that they deserve, so I thought I'd bring some of those to your attention, so that they get a little more love.


"I'll Try" - Peter Pan 2

Okay, so the direct to VHS sequel to Peter Pan, frankly, isn't as magical as the original. It follows Wendy's daughter, Jane, on her own journey to Neverland. The movie does have one great redeeming factor, however, and that is its music!

"I'll Try" is featured multiple times throughout the film and it tells of Jane's reluctance to believe in Peter Pan and his magical world, because of her loss of childhood, due to growing up during World War II. (Surprisingly mature themes for a Disney spin-off movie!) The full song is also featured during the credits.

I'm not sure how many of you grew up listening to the Disney Mania CD's, but I was first introduced to this song when Jesse McCartney covered it for Disney Mania 4. Do any of you remember these CD's? I absolutely loved them!


"Proud of Your Boy" - Aladdin

This song was written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman in order to introduce the character of Aladdin at the beginning of the film. However, they ended up replacing the song with "One Jump Ahead" because it was much more upbeat and fun. 

"Proud of Your Boy" did end up getting reused in the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin, so if you've seen the stage show, you probably know this one. Disney does have a live-action Aladdin in production right now, so we'll see if "Proud of Your Boy" finally makes it to the big screen.

The video below shows the storyboarding for how this song would have looked in the film and features an introduction from Alan Menken, himself.


"If I Never Knew You" - Pocahontas

This was another song that got cut from its film. Originally Pocahontas and John Smith were going to sing "If I Never Knew You" during the scene where she visits him in jail, but it slowed down the pace of the movie, so it got cut. A pop version, sung by Jon Secada and Shanice still appears during the credits.

The song was almost completely animated when it was cut, so they were able to easily finish the animation and release it with the 10th anniversary DVD in 2005. That is where the clip below is from.


"Someday" - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

"Someday" was intended to be sung by Esmeralda, and was eventually replaced by "God Help the Outcasts", because that song sounded like a prayer and Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken thought that that was more appropriate for the cathedral setting. But, like "If I Never Knew You", a pop version was recorded by R&B group, All-4-One, and this version is featured during the credits. 

Basically, the theme of this post is don't leave a Disney movie as soon as the credits start, or else you'll miss some great music!

The video below shows some of the concept art and storyboarding for "Someday" spliced together with scenes from the actual film. 


"I'm Still Here" - Treasure Planet

Okay, so treasure planet wasn't a big success for Disney, and honestly, its soundtrack is pretty strange. It features two songs, including "I'm Still Here," that were written and performed by John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. The 90's "soft-rock style" songs really don't fit in with the style or time-period of the movie, but if you ignore their context, they are individually great.

"I'm Still Here" is a wonderful, angsty power ballad, making it the more meaningful of the two songs, but I definitely recommend looking up the other song, "Always Know Where You Are," too.


So what did you think of my list? Which Disney song is your favorite? Are there any other Disney songs that you think don't get all of the love that they deserve? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Thanks and I'll see you next week!



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