My Fastpass+ Picks for Epcot

When planning your Disney trip you are allowed to choose three Fastpasses per day for your trip. You get to make these reservations 60 days before the first day of your trip, but you should do your research well before your sign up day so you know exactly which options to pick. Luckily, I've done some research for you and I'm here to share what you should fastpass in Epcot, what you definitely shouldn't, and a few in between.

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Okay so here's the list of everything that you can Fastpass in Epcot:

Tier One (pick 1):


Tier Two (pick 2):




Now I like to divide the choices up into three sections - Must Fast Pass, Possibly Fastpass, and Definitely Don't Fastpass. I limit myself to 3 "Must Fastpass" choices, since you're only allowed 3 daily fastpasses. I'll also list what I've found to be the average wait time for each attraction. Keep in mind that these are just my choices and you and your family might have different priorities than I do.


Tier One Must Fastpass:

Frozen Ever After  (60-90 mins)

This is Epcot's newest ride and with the success of the Frozen movie and shorts, it's not surprising that this is the attraction with the longest wait times. 

I know that if you're planning a trip without kids, you might want to skip this one, and I completely understand that. It's a pretty simple boat ride that takes you through the story of Frozen. But if you have any tiny thought that you might possibly want to see it, then I would recommend definitely getting a fastpass for it.

 It makes sense that Frozen Ever After has the longest lines, since it is the newest attraction in Epcot.

It makes sense that Frozen Ever After has the longest lines, since it is the newest attraction in Epcot.


Tier One Possibly Fastpass:

Soarin'  (40-60 mins)

Soarin' was revolutionary when it was first introduced in 2005, and still to this day continues to thrill park guests. However, as simulation technology continues to improve, Soarin' is becoming more and more dated. This is good news, though, since it means that wait times are decreasing!

It still can have some pretty long lines during peak park hours, though, so I would recommend still using your tier one fastpass for Frozen Ever After and hitting Soarin' first thing in the morning, or during extra magic hours.


Test Track  (40-60 mins)

This falls into the same category as Soarin', While at one time it had the longest lines in the park, now you can find times where it's possible to practically walk onto the ride! 

I would only recommend fast passing this one if you're planning on skipping Frozen Ever After. Also, it should be mentioned that Test Track also has a single rider line that offers significantly reduced wait times. 


IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

Personally, I would never fastpass a nighttime show in any of the parks. The only thing that a fastpass gets you in this case is priority seating, but to me, personally, I'd rather use my fastpass to fly past an hour and a half queue. 

I should also point out that there are so many great places throughout the world showcase to watch IllumiNatioins, and the imagineers knew that. That's why the designed the show to be seen from 360 degrees.




For Tier Two I typically pick two "Must Fastpass" choices, but there were no two attractions in the EPCOT list that jumped out at me as needing to be fastpassed, so I have a lot of "possibly fastpasss" choices, and I'll leave it up to you to decide your own priorities. 


Tier Two Possibly Fastpass:

Mission:SPACE  (20-40 mins)

This immersive space adventure has just reopened after being updated, presumably with more impressive simulation technology, so I wouldn't be surprised if its wait times skyrocket come summer.


The Seas with Nemo and Friends  (20-50 mins)

This is a cute family ride that tells the story of Nemo getting lost again and all of his friends teaming up to find him. One of the highlights is that the scenes are projected onto actual fish tanks.

Because this one is great for all ages, it often has pretty long wait times, so I would either fastpass it, or try to hit it in the afternoon, when most families leave to park so that their kids can take naps or cool off in the pool.

 Don't miss your favorite seagulls in front of The Seas entrance!

Don't miss your favorite seagulls in front of The Seas entrance!


Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot  (20-40 mins)

This character Meet and Greet features Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy. It's a nice place to get your photo with the classic characters and the long wait lines could make you want to fastpass it. 

Instead, I would save the fastpass for an actual ride, and instead meet Mickey and his pals at a character meal like Chef Mickey or The Garden Grill (which is literally right next door).

Also, I should clarify that this fastpass is only for the Mickey crew. WHile in the Epcot Character Spot, you can also meet Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Joy and Sadness from Inside Out, but their lines are not fastpssable. 


Living with the Land  (15-30 mins)

This is a simple boat ride through Epcot's agricultural center. It teaches you about the history of agriculture and the new growing methods that Epcot is spearheading to revolutionize the industry. But I'll be honest, it can get a bit boring at times. 

What I like to do though, is to get a fastpass for it right before my reservation to eat at the Harvest Grill (which in my opinion has the best food in Disney World.) The Garden Grill's menu is designed around the food that is grown in the agricultural center.


Journey into Imagination with Figment  (20-30 mins)

Figment has almost become a cult classic. Hard core Disney fans love it, but honestly, most park guests find it kind of creepy or annoying. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in the first group, you may want to fastpass this one.



Tier Two Definitely Don't Fastpass:

Spaceship Earth  (10-20 mins)

Spaceship Earth, like Figment, is an Epcot classic that is beginning to show its age. It is a slow moving ride that takes you through the history of human civilization with a series of animatronics. It typically has a shorter wait than Figment, and therefore shouldn't be fastpassed.

 My favorite part of Spaceship Earth is entering under the iconic Epcot Ball!

My favorite part of Spaceship Earth is entering under the iconic Epcot Ball!


Turtle Talk with Crush, Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

I've lumped these last two together because they are shows that run at specific times, and therefore getting a fastpass for them will not help you get in any quicker than every one else. Seriously! Don't waste your fastpasses on these!



Well, that's my list. Please remember that these are just my opinions and what I typically fastpass when I go to the parks. And, remember that at the end of the day, you probably will have to wait in some lines. It is Disney after all!

Let me know if you agreed or disagreed with any of my choices by leaving a comment below!




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