My Fastpass+ Picks for the Magic Kingdom

When planning your Disney trip you are allowed to choose three Fastpasses per day for your trip. You get to make these reservations 60 days before the first day of your trip, but you should do your research well before your sign up day so you know exactly which options to pick. Luckily, I've done some research for you and I'm here to share what you should fastpass in the Magic Kingdom, what you definitely shouldn't, and a few in between.


If you haven't already, be sure to check out my previous articles on the number one attraction to fastpass in each park and what to consider when making fastpass+ selections.


When it comes to making fastpass selections, the Magic Kingdom is easier than the rest of the parks because you don't have to worry about having two tiers. Instead, you just make three selections from all the options in the park... but there are the most attractions in this park, by far, so let me break it down.

Before we get into the details of each ride, I want to mention that I recommend doing two days in The Magic Kingdom, if you can swing it. There's just so much to do and you'll feel much less rushed if you take the two days... plus this will increase your fast pass options from 3 to 6!


Okay so here's the list of everything that you can Fastpass in The Magic Kingdom:




Now I like to divide the choices up into three sections - Must Fast Pass, Possibly Fastpass, and Definitely Don't Fastpass. I limit myself to 3 "Must Fastpass" choices, since you're only allowed 3 daily fastpasses. I'll also list what I've found to be the average wait time for each choice. Keep in mind that these are just my choices and you and your family might have different priorities than I do.


Must Fastpass:

- Seven Dwarves Mine Train  (60-90 mins)

This one is a no brainer! It's the newest ride in the parks, so of course everyone wants to ride it. Plus, it's a small enough coaster that even younger kids will enjoy it. It also features great animatronics and it's very nostalgic, as well.

The only reason that I could think for not fastpassing Seven Dwarves would be if you're only bringing toddlers and infants to the parks.


- Peter Pan's Flight  (40-80 mins)

When I was making fastpass plans for our last trip to Disney World, I was shocked to see that almost every site recommended fastpassing Peter Pan! Like, I understand there being long wait times for Seven Dwarves Mine Train, since it's a coaster and it's the newest ride in the park, but Peter Pan is old and slow, but I followed what the research told me and got a fastpass for Peter Pan anyway.

I was so happy that I did! We were able to bypass the hour long wait! Plus, the majority of the queue is indoors, or at least under an awning, but the line was so long that we'd have to wait outside in the sun! Definitely fastpass this one!


- Space Mountain  (60-120 mins)

This is probably Disney's most popular coaster, since, unlike Rockin' Rollercoaster or Expedition Everest, it is still considered a family coaster. It's perfectly suitable for all ages (that meet the height requirement, of course) and it only reaches a maximum speed of 27 miles per hour. 

This is one of the rides that people make a mad dash to when they first enter the parks, so it typically grows a long line very quickly and keeps it all day. It does have a single rider line, but if you want your family to ride together, I'd definitely recommend fastpassing this one.



Possibly Fastpass:

- Haunted Mansion  (30-50 mins)

This one is hit or miss... sometime you'll get to Liberty Square and it'll have an hour wait, but other times you can walk on in ten minutes! I know that this is sort of a Disney "cult classic," so many fans will be tempted to use a pass on it, but I'd save your passes for the three rides listed above and instead monitor the ride times on the "My Disney Experience" app to hit this one when the wait time dips to 20 mins or less.

(For more info about the My Disney Experience App, check out my post on 10 Things to Remember When Going to Disney)


- Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad  (30-60 mins)

I lumped these two together because they're right next to each other in the park and they tend to have similar wait times. (Splash Mountain typically has a slightly longer line. Probably because people want to ride it to cool off!) 

The last time that I was at Disney World, I did end up getting fastpasses for these two, but again, that was because we were in Magic Kingdom for two days so we got 6 fastpasses. If you don't have this option, I would instead recommend going to Frontierland and hitting these two first thing in the morning, when their wait times are the shortest, especially if you have extra magic hours.

 Splash Mountain typically has very long wait times! Everyone wants to cool down in the Briar Patch!

Splash Mountain typically has very long wait times! Everyone wants to cool down in the Briar Patch!


- Winnie the Pooh (20-40 mins)

This is a must see for any family that's taking their toddlers to Disney. For that reason, it can get lines up to even an hour long, so if you have a toddler that's obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, then you might want to consider getting fastpasses for this one.

Otherwise, you can definitely find times when this one has next to no line. Try stoping by at meal times like noon or five, or in the late afternoon when families with young kids tend to head back to their hotels for nap time or pool time.


- It's a Small World  (30-60 mins)

This was a tough one for me to place. I debated putting it into the top three because it does get insanely long lines sometimes that some people might not want to wait in for such an old, and frankly somewhat annoying, ride. But then I got to thinking, if you deemed this ride annoying then you probably would just skip it anyway and you wouldn't waste a pass on it.

So then I thought of who would use a pass and I came up with the die hard retro Disney fans, but if they love it so much, then they probably think that it is worth the wait, so I don't know... I ended up putting it in the "Possibly Fastpass" category so I wouldn't have to choose.

Personally, I don't typically get a Fastpass for Small World when I head to MK, but I'm interested to hear how you all feel about this one. Would you use a fastpass on it? Let me know in the comments at the end of this post!

 It's a Small World remains a staple of the Magic Kingdom. For that reason, it can have insane wait times!

It's a Small World remains a staple of the Magic Kingdom. For that reason, it can have insane wait times!


- Pirates of the Caribbean  (20-60 mins)

This is another fan favorite that can have extremely long wait times, especially whenever a new Pirates movie comes out. It was also one that I debated putting into my top three list.

The last time that we were at Disney World I did end up getting a fastpass for Pirates, but only because we spent two days in Magic Kingdom, so we got six fastpasses for the park, rather than three. After debating it, I realized that if we only had one day in the park, I probably wouldn't get a fastpass for it. But you very well may want to, so I put it in "Possibly Fastpass"


- Character Meet and Greets  (15 - 90 mins)

Magic Kingdom is the park with the most character meet and greets, but thankfully many of them are fast-passable. The characters that you can meet include Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Elena of Avalor, Mickey, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Tinkerbell. 

The only reason I would recommend using a fastpass for these is if you're using it to meet your child's favorite character. When I was little I was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, (What am I saying? I still am!) so I would've definitely wanted to cut the line to go to enchanted tales with Belle. 

If you know that you want to use a pass to meet a character, but are unsure which one to choose, try scheduling one for the princesses that are paired up. (Cinderella and Elena or Tiana and Rapunzel) This way you get to meet two characters for one Fastpass!

I should also note that Mickey always has the longest wait time out of any character. This is because the Mickey in Town Square is the only one that can talk, which is monumental for an atmosphere character (i.e. non-face character). If you're okay with meeting Mickey without having a conversation with him, I would recommend saving your pass and instead going to a character meal like Chef Mickey or The Garden Grill in Epcot.


- Jungle Cruise  (30-60 mins)

The jungle cruise falls into the same category as It's a Small World. It's fun for the whole family, but it is getting dated now and I know some people can find it somewhat annoying. 

Personally, even thought I love the bad puns that the cast members make on this ride,  I wouldn't use a pass on it. But, I put in the "possibly fastpass" so you all can decide whether you want to fastpass it or not. You definitely would be justified in doing so.


- Tomorrowland Speedway  (20-50 mins)

For some reason this one typically has a pretty long wait time. I really don't see the novelty of it, though. I mean, it's not super themed like the rest of the park, and most amusement parks have some version of a driving ride.

I personally tend to skip this one, especially if I only have one day in the park, but if it's your favorite and you have to hit it, by all means use a pass.


- Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin  (20-50 mins)

Space Ranger Spin is one of my favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom. It's such a fun interactive attraction that really makes you feel like you're in a video game! It can have up to an hour wait, but its time fluctuates so much that I'd recommend monitoring it on the "My Disney Experience" app or running to it first thing in the morning.

 Even though Space Ranger Spin is one of my favorite rides in the park, I typically don't waste a Fastpass on it.

Even though Space Ranger Spin is one of my favorite rides in the park, I typically don't waste a Fastpass on it.


- Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid  (30-60 mins)

Sadly this is one of my least favorite rides in the park. I'm not a huge Little Mermaid Fan, other than the music. Plus, I find the animatronics kind of creepy. But many little kids absolutely love it, so it usually has a pretty long line. 

But, if you've got a little Prince or Princess that loves The Little Mermaid, then you probably should fastpass this one.


Definitely Don't Fastpass:

- Mad Tea Party  (10-30 mins)

Many people with young kids think that the teacups have a super long line and they waste a fastpass on it! Please do not do this!!! The teacups actually typically have under a 20 minute wait. 

I don't know where this misconception came from, but save your fastpasses for a more crowded family ride like Peter Pan!

 The teacups are always a fan favorite, but they have surprisingly short wait times!

The teacups are always a fan favorite, but they have surprisingly short wait times!


- Dumbo the Flying Elephant  (10-30 mins)

Dumbo used to have an insanely long wait time, which makes sense. It was one of Walt's original rides and kids of all ages can go on it and love it. But thanks to some renovations, it actually typically has under a 20 minute wait now. 

When "New Fantasyland" was created in 2011, they added a second Dumbo ride, so now the line mores twice as fast! Plus, they added a circus-themed jungle gym halfway through the line for kids to play in so that they don't get bored. Thanks to these smart upgrades, there really is no reason to use a fastpass on this one.

 Thanks to renovations in 2011, the lines for Dumbo are shorter than ever!

Thanks to renovations in 2011, the lines for Dumbo are shorter than ever!


- The Barnstormer  (20-40 mins)

This kiddie coaster is sadly often forgotten about. It sits in the back of the park in New Fantasyland, beyond Dumbo. Also, I think, since it's a mini-coaster, it's hard to find an age range that loves it, because older kids will want to go on larger coasters like Space Mountain, and younger kids won't be tall enough to ride it in the first place.

For these reasons, it typically doesn't have a super long line, so I would recommend (if you aren't skipping it) to just wait the fifteen minutes.


- The Magic Carpets of Aladdin  (10-30 mins)

This one is also located out of the way in Adventureland. Most people walk right by it while they're making a beeline to Priates of the Caribbean or Jungle Cruise, and not many come back to actually ride it. So, it also typically doesn't have a long line.


- Mickey's PhilharMagic  and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor  (10-30 mins)

I've combined these last two because they're basically shows, so your wait time is dependent on when you enter the line in relation to when the last show started. For example Mickey's Philharmagic starts every 15 minutes. You could happen to get in line right as a show is ending and walk right in to the next one, or you could get in line right as a show is starting and have to wait fifteen minutes. 

Either way, a fastpass isn't going to speed up the show, and therefore isn't going to help you get in any faster.



Well, that's my list. Please remember that these are just my opinions and what I typically fastpass when I go to the parks. And, remember that at the end of the day, you probably will have to wait in some lines. It is Disney after all!

Let me know if you agreed or disagreed with any of my choices by leaving a comment below!




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