Cube House

Fall 2016  |  2 Month Long Project  |  Completed Individually

This was the final project of our first semester studio. We were given a site that sat on the edge of Lake Erie and consisted entirely of 8' tall hedges. The prompt was to carve spaces out of the hedges and add buildings and walkways to create a weekend retreat for a college professor. The building had to be a cube with three perpendicular planes inside. Holes were then carved in the cube to reflect the planes.

My design focused on the compression and release that one felt while moving through the site. My largest vertical plane split the site into left and right halves. When a person enters from the road on the right, the hedges and buildings around them will feel very constricting, until they pass over this middle axis. Then the space opens up and offers beautiful views of the lake.


Our process started by simply carving pieces out of a cube to see the spaces that we could create.

Before starting on the cube, we designed a set of three planes and sketched them in various directions.

After placing our planes into a cube, we created openings within the cube that reflected the plane.

This was the overall hand-drawn site plan for my final design.

A north facing section and elevation

A sectional axon

A sectional perspective. I like this drawing because you can see that the half with the stairs is much more compressed and the side with the person is more open.

My final model was constructed out of bass wood, with sandpaper used to represent gravel walkways and clear acrylic to represent water.