Monica Toren
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Art and Animation Portfolio

Up House Animation

This was the final project for the BIM modeling class that I took in my fourth year at CMU. We were assigned with the task of recreating a famous building and rendering an animated fly-through. I chose to recreate Carl and Elie’s house from the Disney/Pixar film “Up.”

I first modeled the entire house in Revit, focusing especially on the more difficult elements such as the dormer windows on the second floor. It was also quite challenging to piece together the layout of the building, since we only see parts of it in the movie. I chose to focus the animation on specific rooms that are seen in the film. I modeled the objects in these rooms in rhino and imported them into Revit. I then added materials, often having to create my own.

After I had the entire thing modeled, I imported it into 3DS Max, where I set up lighting and camera moves. I rendered the clips and compiled them in Adobe Premiere.


StuCo Course Posters

Students at Carnegie Mellon are given the opportunity to teach their own low-unit courses. During my fourth and fifth year, I co-taught the “Lights, Camera, Architecture” StuCo where we discussed architecture in film. I made the following posters in order to promote our course and get other students to sign up for it.

These are based on the art style of Fred Birchal, but we made our own which reference the specific films that we discuss in our lectures.



More Projects coming soon!