The Number One Attraction to Fastpass in Each Disney World Park

One of the most important steps in planning a Walt Disney World vacation is choosing the rides that you want to Fastpass. This can also be one of the most stressful parks of planning since you only get to pick three Fastpasses per day, and there are just so many attractions to choose from! Well, never fear! I've put together a list of my choices for the number one ride to Fastpass in each Disney World Park.

7 Things a Star Wars Fan Shouldn't Miss at Disney World

So all Star Wars fans should get pumped because Disney has huge plans to add a new Star Wars section to Hollywood Studios that looks incredible! They also are adding a Star Wars themed hotel! Sadly, though, it won't open until 2019. But, while we're all patiently waiting for these fantastic new additions, I thought that I'd count down my top seven favorite Star Wars themed attractions that are already in the parks.

The Best Kept Secret of Hollywood Studios

This week I want to share with you one of my favorite hidden treasures of Hollywood Studios - One Man's Dream! There are three major reasons why One Man's Dream is a fantastic, often forgotten attraction. Hopefully this post will convince you to make time to stop by it, the next time you're at the Studios.

Disney Park Path Appreciation Post

Imagineers design every single aspect of the Disney parks and they’re constantly hiding little gems in everything. The park paths are no exception to these hidden gems, so I’d like to take some time to give the park paths the appreciation that they deserve and to tell you about some of my favorite paths so you won’t miss them on your next trip to the parks.

Top 5 Underrated Disney Movies

So I thought that this week I'd share my picks for the top five underrated Disney movies. These are not my top five favorite Disney movies, but rather, these are the movies that I feel are forgotten about and don't get the love and appreciation that they deserve.